Recruiting for an AmeriCorps Vista Position!

Project Feast is currently recruiting for an AmeriCorps Vista position!

The Refugee Support Network (RSN) is a coalition of refugee service providers in the Seattle/King County region. Partners in the RSN include Jewish Family Services, Project Feast, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, the Bhutanese Community Resource CenterCoalition for Refugees from Burma, East African Community Services, the International Rescue Committee, and Iraqi Community Services.  We are currently recruiting for an AmeriCorps Vista position to begin in February. We have a tight recruitment deadline, so if interested please apply before December 17th. To find and apply for positions please visit the AmeriCorps Vista website and search for the Refugee Support Network in Washington State. Then click the listing for Project Feast in Tukwila.

AmeriCorps*VISTA is a federally subsidized program that offers participants a monthly living allowance of $1069.00, medical benefits, childcare assistance (if income eligible) and an education award of $5645 or a stipend of $1,500 upon completion of the year of service.

Anyone interested in applying must create an application on the AmeriCorps VISTA website first.

Our listing is below. If you have any further questions, please contact Alanna McDonald at 

Filipino Lumpiang Sariwa

Filipino Lumpiang Sariwa

Member Duties : This member will support Project Feast’s trainings through curriculum development, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising initiatives. PF’s participants are low-income refugees and immigrants, facing major barriers to employment. PF’s trainings offer these students an intensive, ESL appropriate, training program that builds on existing skills they have brought here. The member will create a curriculum for the job search program and will recruit and place volunteers in the training programs to increase the number of participants and provide better case management to participants in their search for living wage jobs. Fundraising activities will allow for more program participants to enter the free skills training program. This member will develop a cooking class program that teaches good nutrition to refugee families and provides refugee cooks an opportunity to demonstrate skills they have learned in training, and share their culture with the broader community.
Program Benefits : Health Coverage ,  Choice of Education Award or End of Service Stipend ,  Stipend ,  Relocation Allowance ,  Living Allowance ,  Training .
Terms : Permits attendance at school during off hours ,  Prohibits paid work outside of the sponsoring agency at any time .
Service Areas : None
Skills : Business/Entrepreneur ,  Communications ,  Public Speaking ,  Computers/Technology ,  Fund raising/Grant Writing ,  Community Organization ,  Team Work ,  Teaching/Tutoring ,  Social Services .
Service Description : At Project Feast, we envision a world where everyone’s abilities are respected regardless of their formal education or experience. We deeply believe in the ability of people from diverse backgrounds to connect in meaningful ways through sharing a meal. While refugees and immigrants find it a challenge to integrate into society, Project Feast’s work proves that these circumstances are not insurmountable. Immigrant and refugee populations contribute rich cultural traditions that make the Seattle area one of the most vibrant in the world. Not only do we empower amazing cooks from around the globe by equipping them with the hands-on vocational training to gain their footing in the food industry here in Seattle, we also connect them to opportunities to make a living and share their wealth of food knowledge with our greater Seattle community, a place with hunger and passion for excellent food. In the process, our participants become deeply integrated into local communities and economies. We enrich all of our lives, one cook at a time. Through our training program we build up skills and confidence of low income refugees and immigrants, and connect them to living wage jobs so they and their families can achieve to their highest potential. We provide them with intensive commercial kitchen knowledge and hands on experience, while addressing significant barriers including limited English, PTSD, lack of transportation and childcare options. Many of our participants are mothers on welfare, underserved by mainstream programs. We believe that immigrants and refugees should have equal access to training they need to prosper economically and socially.





New Catering Menu!


We are excited to present our brand new CATERING MENU!

The menu includes delicious new options from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa that represent the diverse cultural backgrounds of Project Feast students, past and present.

Take a look and if you would like Project Feast to cater your next event, please contact us at


DSC_0152 copy


New Apprenticeship Program


Our new paid Apprenticeship Program is underway at Project Feast! After establishing the Commercial Kitchen Basics Training Program last February, we have installed another way for our students to hone in on their comprehensive food industry skills such as cooking and budgeting. Our Apprenticeship Program enables our students to have a part-time job opportunity and continued mentorship by our chef instructor, Chef Daniel “Buck” James, and the Project Feast team.

Currently, we have two apprentices in our program, Taghreed Ibrahim and LemLem Kidane. Working in this program requires that in addition to mastering the techniques taught in the six week course, apprentices must actively participate in recipe testing, menu development, catering, and event prep/planning. The apprentices are currently gaining food service experience by staffing the Duwamish Curve Café, a deli service managed by Project Feast out of Tukwila Community Center. Both show incredible drive to better their skills in a commercial kitchen setting and are definitely capable of realizing their dreams of eventually working in a restaurant or starting their own business.


The Apprenticeship Program at Project Feast requires students have the desire to be the best they can be in the kitchen. However, LemLem’s and Tahgreed’s motives for pursuing this program offered by Project Feast vary. For example, when asked why they wanted to spend five months learning the tools-of-the-trade with Chef Buck, Tahgreed said she “wished to start her own bakery soon, and if [she] couldn’t do that, she would like to work in a commercial bakery.” LemLem, who is Eritrean, expressed a desire to return to her East African roots and work at an Eritrean restaurant in the area. Both truly enjoy being a part of this program, and one can almost always find them discussing what they have learned and what they’ll be working on next with Chef Buck after they’ve wrapped up their work in the kitchen for the day.

Both say that being able to work with Chef Buck allows them to learn “so much” about working in a kitchen. As mentioned above, every Tuesday and Thursday Project Feast manages the Duwamish Curve Café, which is open to the public at Tukwila Community Center. Anyone is welcome, and everyone leaves full and happy. The challenging work in the deli, according to Taghreed, is “made fun by [Chef Buck] allowing us to have input in what gets put on the menu.” In most commercial kitchens, the menu does not change often, but here at Project Feast, every worker’s contribution is appreciated.

So far, the Apprenticeship Program has proved to be a success and we hope to add more positions within the next year. With talented people like LemLem and Taghreed being a part of this program, we cannot wait to see where the program and its students will go next!

– Rishi Paramesh

Project Feast Intern