As I signed up to be a part of the Undergraduate Community Based Internship Pilot Program through the Carlson Center at UW I was not sure what my work would entail.  With so much to learn I was very excited and eager to be placed in a community non-profit organization. My internship experience with Project Feast was more rewarding than I anticipated, I got to work closely with people who are passionate about their work and embody the professionalism I wish to seek in my own career.

My work with Project Feast varied, I was able to learn more about the benefits of social networking, learn how to write newsletters and contributed to a crowdfunding campaign. I was also able to meet some of the participants of Project Feast programs and see first-hand the support they have for the organization. The reciprocity between Project Feast and their participants is evident, and I can appreciate their close relationship.

Through my internship with Project Feast I learned how important it is to have values and work with a purpose. The work I completed gave me the opportunity to make a lot of my own decisions, but I always made sure I kept my values and guiding principles in mind. I practiced humility, responsibility and experienced what it means to be a community-driven organization. I will remember these experiences as I start my own career and use them as a tool to evaluate the job opportunities I seek in the future.

Most importantly my internship experience allowed me to form a number of relationships with mentors that offered me guidance and insight regarding my undergraduate experience, graduate plans and career aspirations.

I learned about the refugee and immigrant community of South King County, experienced new cuisine and identified the assets of my very own SeaTac community.

Thank you to the Carlson Center for the opportunity and to Project Feast for having me.

Andrea Sanchez-Zavala



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